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  • Ok, I'm still going to use the same team, but I will having some different strategies that doesn't include cresselia. I already thought two and going to test it. AND MARK MY WORDS, I WILL BEAT YOU!!!!
    Hey Jeremy, I thought a perfect strategy (I didn't change my team) to counter yours, but I'm not going to tell you what it is.
    Which of you und your friends is the one that called for this assault on my wall? But what does "sweet or something" mean lol
    Double Edge + Selfdestruct is only available through Gen 3 tutors, if I am not mistaken.

    Edit: Yeah I would have to breed it in Gen 3 and get it onto XD to tutor Selfdestruct to have that combination. So if you want both of those I am sorry, I don't have the connector cable to transfer onto XD.
    Hey mate, sorry. I've had computer troubles lately and I can't even run PO now until I get a new computer. Having to pull out so you can probably take the win unless Kinneas finds a replacement.
    Oh! Dang man! I forgot too! It's not just your fault. Um.... I have church today from 10AM-12PM US Central and 6PM-8PM US Central so that's like, 8AM-10AM and 4PM to 6PM your time so... 7PM PST "should" work (if we remember heehee). So yeah, plan on that. And best of luck bro!
    Oh. I do apologize. I just got home. If I understand Time Zones, it's 8PM US Central here, so... that would be in 2 hours? I could do that. Would that still work?
    Lol yes, if I can get hold of one I'll even buy you a big one since you're the biggest fan of Wham bars. :P They're like 6 inches long and raspberry flavoured, and a real corner shop classic. Sort of an '80s sweet. But yeah don't worry, you'll be seeing me at worlds for sure. Since I'm going to win nationals this time. Is easy! ;3
    Oh oh oh wait we still have tomorrow, too... in that case I'll probably be home at a later hour- maybe 10 EST/7 PDT? Let me know if you get this!
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